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Mineral Washed Indigo Blue “Skyline” Rhinestone Hoodie

Mineral Washed Indigo Blue “Skyline” Rhinestone Hoodie

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Elevate your hoodie game with our Mineral Washed Indigo Blue “Skyline” Rhinestone Hoodie. With metal snaps on the sleeves, you can easily transform this cozy piece into a chic crossbody when needed. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style with this unique design. This hoodie is Garment Dyed. Our garment-dyed hoodies are dyed after they're sewn, which gives them a more durable and even color, including in the stitching and ribbing. This also means they'll have less shrinkage and colors will stay true after repeated washings. 

  • 100% American grown cotton.
  • Metal snap buttons and metal details on the pocket. 
  • Loose fit.
  • Machine washable.

Product features

  • 100% cotton.
  • Rhinestone logo on the front.
  • Stretches up to two times it’s original size.
  • Machine washable.
  • Made in the USA.
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